6 Years In The Making...

That's right, we spent 6 years designing what we believe is the perfect tape measure to suit the needs of the majority. The pull-out, no retract, auto-locking mechanism has received world-wide acclaim, and with over 1 million tape measures sold, Maerble now stands amongst the giants in the industry. 

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Ingenius Self Locking Mechanism 

Keep Those Fingers Safe

The most important feature of the Maerble Tape Measure is the self-lock mechanism. With most Tape Measures, you need to apply the lock when you want to use it which can make for accidental retracting and painful fingers! Here, the Tape Measure will be locked indefinitely, but you will still be able to pull more tape out without the fear of it releasing. Two buttons on the front side and front rear allow easy access to release the tape. The button can be released at any time to maintain the lock. 

How Does Maerble Compare? 

Maerble vs The Competition

We are proud of the quaity of the Maerble Tape Measure. See how it compares to other well known Brands on the market. 

Side Clip and Strap

Carry the measuring tape in your pocket, or clip it on your belt, or use the strap to hold it on your wrist.

Metal Casing and Hard Rubber Enclosure

The tape measure's heavy duty metal and hard rubber casing will withstand many drops.

Multiple Measurements

The tape measure can measure the following decimal and metric values: meters, centimeters, millimeters, feet and meters

What Our Users Think...

Terri W.

This tape from Maerble is the best measuring tape I have used so far. It is a heavy duty durable tool that can stand for many drops. I like the self auto lock feature making your hands safe by preventing the tape from retracting.

Kathy D.

I am 68 years old and have owned many, many tape measures over the years. This one is by far the best one! I really like the fact that it automatically locks in position when you pull it out. No more having the tape slip out of my fingers and reeling back into the unit and having to start over again. I cannot believe the quality, considering the price. I would easily have paid twice as much for this measuring tape.

Jason M.

We were emailed from our corporate office, Assured Home Health, that this is a good tape measure to use for all of our clinical staff. We are a national healthcare company. We have since purchased over 700 tape measures and we are extremely happy with the quality and design.

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